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The Gallery of Art María Aguilar was founded in Chiclana in 1997. The Gallery of Art María Aguilar offers an ideal environment to view contemporary art, with a very large well proportioned room. The Gallery is located at the Centro Comercial Novo Sancti Petri, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz 11130, España. Since it opened in 1997, the Gallery has constantly developed its activities which have orientated towards the diffusion of the Spanish Contemporary Art. Of significant importance are the Gallery\'s Collective Summers exhibitions, where they host many works of art from acclaimed artists namely, Carlos Morago, Julia Hidalgo, Felipe Santamáns, Laurentino Martí, Salvador Montó or Urréjola, with young artists as Fernández Pinedo, Óscar Vázquez, Pedro Lobato, Antonio Barahona, Eduardo Millán Sañudo, David Maldonado or Carlos G. Román, to mention just a few. The principle aim of the Gallery María Aguilar is to share their personal experiences and the development of fine art and showcase works from various artists, giving special attention to the Andalusian painters. We are not seeking to be fashionable or trend setters, we want quality art which can encompass different aesthetic styles. The Gallery hosts a comprehensive portfolio of fine art which can be acquired by many official organisations, public institutions, hotels for use as decoration or as corporate gifts. We have many years of successful experience and we can provide you with an exceptional painting(s) from our artists portfolio of contemporary art.